Who is RYM?

RYM is an Omani brand based in the city of Muscat, founded in 2014 by Graphic Designer Reem Al Suwaid with fascinating tribal, urban and kaleidoscopic design series. The uniqueness of the brand comes from the founder’s vision as a designer and the creative thought process that goes into each piece.

With a mission to fuse the realm of Graphic Design with that of Art & Fashion, armed with limited pieces of visually poetic, detail infused – yet elegant – fashion accessories, we at RYM strive passionately and take pride in our originality, our hunger to diversify and our efforts to bring you exclusive, affordable and wearable works of art.

Each product designed by RYM stands out as a work of art with a visual aesthetic signature that is unique to the brand.

From our choice of fabrics to the bursts of color and intricate details to our many themes inspired by the fundamentals of Islamic Art, the seamless nature of arabesque patterns and the great mysteries of abstract, we guarantee a unique and trendy variety of designs to suit all preferences.

Be it minimal or intense, subtle or loud, youthful or sophisticated, an elegant silk scarf or a fine jersey graphic t-shirt, RYM’s diverse assortment of every-changing statement designs provide the perfect platform to visually reflect one’s identity.

“What you will find in every collection is an abundance of variety; a little something to suit anyone and everyone. Every product takes countless hours of imaginative and physical care to create and perfect. Each creation holds a story, a memory, or an emotion. “ – Reem Al Suwaid Founder / Designer